Congress 2018: March 10

Mark your calendars for Congress on March 10th! The State Officers are pulling out all the stops to create a unique and exciting day! The day will run 1:00 pm to 5:00 pm. There will still be the usual legislation where you can voice your concerns about the constitution, as well as propose your own amendments. If you have any amendments in mind currently, please feel free to email them to SSC Montayo Cardozo.
The event will be hosted at the National Heritage Museum in Lexington for a second year. However, the similarities begin to break off here. There will be a DeMolay Think Tank and board games this year in place of the typical degrees. The DeMolay Think Tank will be an open forum for all of you to make suggestions about ways to improve the organization and voice your opinions. There will also be the hit card game called “We Didn't Playtest This At All,” the card game where each card changes the rules! The board game session will also consist of Uno and a variety of other games like Monopoly. Pizza and soda will also be served! 
We are also fortunate to have an engineering and robotics presentation put on by Dad Anselmo of Phoenix Chapter. This presentation will be your opportunity to learn about the fascinating science of robotics, how robots are being used to help society, and how you can become involved. Registration costs $5 per person and the deadline to register is Saturday, March 3rd. Attire for the day is business. We are eagerly looking forward to seeing all of you at this very special event!


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