Conclave 2017: Here Comes Hollywood!

Essential Documents
Pack your bags and head for the town that makes everyone famous! August 4-6, Massachusetts DeMolay is rolling the dice on your big break at Nichols College for a weekend of fun, food and film. Registration is now live for you and your Chapter. The premier DeMolay event of the year is something that cannot be missed. Conclave 2017 gives you and your brothers the chance to become movie legends around the state with challenges both mental, physical, and technical. Have what it takes to produce the next DeMolay blockbuster? Sign up for your shot at the big screen!

The price for Conclave is $100 per person if registered by July 21. Late registrations are $130 by July 31. There is a walk-in cost of $200 if any final registration is received after August 1. Chapters that are able to register by July 1 will receive a 10% discount with the coupon code “showtime”.
Registration is still online but has moved to Formstack. This process is more straight forward. Late registrations (July 21-July 31) are $130 per person. Registrations received after July 31 are $200.
Conclave Film Festival
New to Conclave this year is the Film Festival! Register for your spot in a filmmaking competition where you and a small crew of DeMolays will make a 30-second film to be presented at Conclave. Each crew will be given a theme and several random prompts that can be anything from props to lines of dialogue. After filming, each crew will be able to edit their film and present it. Oscars will be presented for several categories including:
Best Picture
Best Actor
Best Cinematographer
Best Costume Design
Best Writing
Think you’ve got talent in front of or behind the camera? Test yourself at Conclave and walk away with a tiny gold man!
Dungeons & Dragons
Everyone loved the hit video game The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim and it’s expansive dungeons, dangerous monsters, and epic villains. Now you can share that experience with your fellow DeMolays at Conclave with Dungeons & Dragons! Sign up to save a world in peril designed by the State Master Councilor himself on the Saturday of Conclave. Dungeons & Dragons is a roleplaying game that has something for everyone to enjoy. Conclave is your chance to try this experience that you may have been wary about before, or love to play with new heroes!

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