DeMolay Ball 2012

DeMolay Summer Ball

The 2012 DeMolay "Summer" Ball is now in the books! Over 70 DeMolay and Rainbow from across Massachusetts arrived in style at the Overlook in Charlton for an evening of fun, food and great dancing.


 Prior to the dance, the assembled guests enjoyed a delicious spaghetti dinner, which gave them all the energy they needed. State Marshal and acting DJ Douglas "Dougie-Fresh" Rankin, along with his assistant Dad Rushlow, then kicked on the beats and didn't stop until everyone was exhausted.


Huge thanks go out to the staff of the Overlook, who definitely took the time to make us feel right at home and cater to our every need. Thank you to all who attended, and make sure if you couldn't make it that you are there next time!





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