Dodge Balls at the Dodgeball Tournament! Feb. 25

“Ouchtown, population: You, bro!
Pepper Brooks
Ready to throw some rubber? You’re in luck! This year the annual Massachusetts DeMolay Dodgeball Tournament is right around the corner! Join your brothers in this noble game played in gym classes around the world on Sunday, February 25, 2018. The Shriner’s Auditorium in Wilmington is the location for one of the best tournaments of the year.
Be sure to be there at 1:00 pm on February 25, and be prepared to be tossing dodgeballs until 4:00 pm! Teams will consist of 5 players and will cost $25 per team. Come on down and win eternal glory and a trophy! Chapters must register by February 18 to secure their spot.
Chapter's Registered:


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