Lowell's Lemonade & You!

Every year Lowell Chapter makes its mark on their community by participating in the Lowell Folk Festival. Since the festival’s inception in 1987, Lowell Chapter has been involved in helping promote DeMolay and better their city. Our DeMolays man a lemonade stand that draws in thirsty attendees in droves. It is easily their most successful event of the year!
Lowell’s Folk Festival this year is Saturday, July 29, and Sunday, July 30. The members and advisors of Lowell Chapter extend an open invitation to you and your chapter to head on up and lend a hand behind the stand! This is a great opportunity to not only hang out with your brethren but also to learn what it takes to run an operation like this at your local fair or festival!
Interested DeMolays and Chapters should reach out to Dad Ed Mackness to schedule a time to come by and lend a hand.

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