Field Day: June 10

Summer is almost upon us and so is Massachusetts DeMolay’s Field Day! Head down to Rainbow Camp in Hanson, MA, on Saturday, June 10, to celebrate the warm weather with DeMolays and Rainbows from across the state. Enjoy the sunshine with everyone from 11:00 AM to 4:00 PM!
What’s Field Day all about? Why it’s an awesome opportunity to stretch your limbs, participate in some fun and relaxing games, and eat some good cookout food! DeMolays and Rainbows will be divided into four different teams and cooperate through various games and challenges to win the day (anyone remember Legends of the Hidden Temple?). Games are designed to be inclusive to everyone of all ages and skill levels.
There is no cost to the event, but the State Officers ask everyone to register ahead of time so they can make sure you get fed!

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