Honor Defended

The 2012 Softball Tournament has come to a close.  During the Friday Session of Conclave 2012, Connecticut Executive Officer Dad Needham announced that the Connecticut State Softball Team would forfeit the Championship and take second place to J.G. Whittier & Lowell Chapters.  With Connecticut’s forfeit, the standings are as such:

1st Place: J.G. Whittier/Lowell Chapters

2nd Place: Connecticut

3rd Place: Benjamin Franklin Chapter

4th Place: Middleboro/South Shore/Old Colony Chapters

The final game that was scheduled for August 11 in South Grafton will no longer be played.  The trophies will be sent out to the respective chapters shortly.

Congratulations to J.G. Whittier & Lowell Chapters for defending the honor of Massachusetts DeMolay and winning the Championship.  Whether it is by competing or simple intimidation, Massachusetts DeMolay is once again the victor in Inter-Jurisdictional competition!

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